Blog Block

Hmm. I’m struggling for things to write at the moment – you may have noticed the paucity of posting of late. The thing is I like writing, but I’m just not finding much to get excited about, at least nothing that folks haven’t written loads about already. I’m just feeling like I’ve got little to say.

For example, I nearly decided to omit mentioning the little bloggers’ meet up we had on London at the weekend. I figured you, my lovely audience, would not be interested in hearing about the fine folks with whom I met: Patrick, Rachel, Drew, Andy, Simon, Jon, John, Jeremy and Andy, I salute you and there are a few pikkies and a tiny video (slightly bigger one on request). But what’s all this talk of audience? After all I’m no D. Keith Robinson. Perhaps I should just get back to writing for me and see if the juices start to flow again.