The Brakes to support Hanson?

A recent British Sea Power newsletter made me chuckle:

Back on the BSP mainland, pleasing celebrity association continues apace. Following previous public endorsement from David Bowie, Lou Reed, Radiohead The Flaming Lips, REM, Douglas Coupland, Peter Saville and Jarvis Cocker, BSP have received their most notable star-boost yet – admittedly in tacit form. On a recent edition of the MTV programme Cribs, Hanson guided the cameras around their home while BSP composition Remember Me played in the background. Come on, give Eamon a hit and let the Brakes bag the support slot on the Hanson November acoustic tour of Britain.

For the uninitiated, the Eamon in question is keyboardist with British Sea Power and singer with the Brakes (a collaboration with members of the Electric Soft Parade) who released their debut single a few weeks back. And if you don’t know who British Sea Power are, you need to get yourself acquainted as a matter of priority – try this free download of The Lonely.