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  • Fatigue

    Jon Webb is one of the fittest guys I’ve ridden with. On 22/23 June he decided to do the 24hr Red Bull Mountain Mayhem solo (as opposed to the usual team of four or more). That’s 24 hours non-stop mountain biking. The tiredness was beginning to totally consume me,…

  • The Big Dog Cometh

    Since I knackered my Achilles tendon in December, I’ve been getting back into cycling and mountain biking in particular. The Brighton Big Dog race is on in August and uses the same tracks I now ride most weeks. We’ve entered a Clearleft team.

  • Taking on the Tour

    Two remarkable men attempt to ride the Tour course in the same number of days as the race itself. And Jeff’s book is five years old.

  • List of pangrams

    There used to be a page on Wikipedia listing pangrams in various languages. This was deleted yesterday. Pangrams can be occasioanlly useful for designers, so I’ve resurrected the page of here, pretty much as it was in Wikipedia.