Bob Wilson retired from television yesterday. I think Half Man Half Biscuit said it best:

Lord, I’ve tried the best I can
I’ve asked everybody in Kazakhstan
but I still don’t understand
Bob Wilson – anchorman.

I’ve been to Kent, Gwent and Senegal
I’ve even been to look for Jim Rosenthal
Found him on his knees at the Wailing Wall, crying
Bob Wilson – anchorman.

Well I marvel at the things we find beneath the ground
And that man can go faster than the speed of sound
But I still can’t get my head around
Bob Wilson – anchorman.

I’m cold and I’m hungry and I’m in Dundalk
I’ve got no bus fare; I’ve got to walk
It’s raining soup and I’ve got a fork
Where be my camper van?

Well I’d like to meet Stephenson, the engineer
And I’d like to meet Faraday and buy him a beer
And I’d love to meet the bloke who had the bright idea of
Bob Wilson – anchorman.

(Lyrics reproduced without any permission, so to make up for it go and buy Editor’s Recommendation plus an album or two.)

Yep, Bob Wilson was a pioneer in the unfortunate and increasingly prevalent habit of using ex-sportsmen as television presenters. Punditry is one thing, but leave full-on broadcasting to the professionals.