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Web Essentials 04: Sydney 30 Sept – 1 Oct

Web Essentials is almost upon us – it’s two solid days of expertise in standards based design, development and accessibility, from local and world leaders in their fields including Dave Shea, Joe Clark, Doug Bowman, Dean Jackson, Russ Weakley, John Allsopp, Bruce Mcguire and others. Even if you can’t make it to Sydney for the conference, the official WE04 blog is up and running with frequent updates in the lead up to, and throughout the conference.

On a vaguely related note, CSS Vault recently pointed to George Chavchanidze’s demonstrations of CSS in scientific web publishing, in particular rendering custom XML for mathematical equations (works best in Opera and Safari). While these are interesting exeriments, I’m not sure how these examples relate to MathML which I assume would be the preferred way forward for presenting mathematical expressions in web pages.