Calculated discovery

As recommended by just about everyone, I installed Quicksilver and set it to bezel mode. Fantastic. I was getting a bit tired of the Dock for switching open applications, and more particularly fed up with the Finder for launching new ones. Coming from Windows, I also use alt-tab to toggle open applications (a Panther addition as I understand it), but I’m finding Quicksilver is easier even than that. And I haven’t even used the ‘shelf’ yet.

I digress. So, I was typing a few letters into Quicksilver, as you do, and I saw a calculator appear on the list. Nice to know there’s one built in (it’s in Utilities for you fellow OS X newbies). The calculator is pretty similar to the one built into Windows – it has two modes: basic and scientific/advanced. But it also comes with a unit converter, and even better, a currency converter! which you can sync to get up-to-date rates. And what’s more, the calculator remembers your recent conversions (pounds to dollars, feet to metres, etc). And it’s got an editable paper trail of your current calculation. Bloody brilliant.