The Movement

This morning, I received a link-swapping email from someone called Dom. I don’t do link swaps – I get plenty of traffic as it is – and if I like your site I’ll link to it anyway. Fortunately for Dom I do like his site, or more particularly I like his band, the Movement. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

It’s a trashier, cheaper version of soul and I like that feeling, says Dom; We thought about that in the recording process, adds Dan, we didn’t want to make it polished, we turn the cymbals up till they hurt. If it’s old-fashioned, well, we’ve got an excuse – we’re from East Anglia and everything takes a long time to get up the A12.

And unlike a lot of contemporary soul outfits the Movement actually have tunes. Hummable tunes that stick with you. And they are currently unsigned, their previous label having gone under; a story I can relate to having followed the similar highs and lows of a fantastic late-80s indie pop combo called the Ha Ha Men. Despite memorable, danceable songs and charisma-a-plenty the Ha Ha Men never quite made it, so I wish better things for the Movement. I think they deserve it.