CSS crib sheets

Andy Budd has posted another page to his CSS Crib Sheet, a series of solutions to those niggling cross-browser CSS problems. This, the third issue, is on centering divs. Previous episodes explain about clearing floats and gaps between vertical nav elements in IE5.

Dave Shea also has a CSS crib sheet which outlines many best practices, and the css-discuss Wiki, a companion to the CssDiscussList will probably answer just about any other CSS problem you may have.

Another fellow Brightonian, Jeremy Keith, debuts in A List Apart with JavaScript Image Gallery. The article does what it says on the tin, using some nifty DOM tricks to update images and captions. Jeremy also supplements the article with a few tips in within the article discussion.

The discussion areas of ALA are an important part of its success, but like so many open forums, they have become increasingly blemished with trolls, flame bait and plain rudeness. Jeremy’s article didn’t escape this abuse either, but fortunately he’s too chilled to take things personally. Call me naïve, but it never ceases to amaze me just how dispicably insulting some people can be behind the anonymity of a computer.