More Gardening

Andy Budd has created a lovely, clean & colourful design for the Zen Garden. Like Doug Bowman before, Andy kindly explains the process behind his design.

Speaking of design process, I am giving a SkillSwap talk this Monday (6th Sept 2003) on Design Process – Evolution of the Wireframe. I’ll be demonstrating how the humble wireframe can be developed into a combined design and project management tool. I’ll show how it can evolve throughout the lifetime of a project and take centre place as the documentation around which the project revolves.

Dave Shea has reinvigorated discussion on designing with colour deficient folks in mind. Regular readers will know I have a vested interest in this topic, being colour deficient myself. Dave makes some great observations regarding tools which attempt to simulate colour deficiency and in particular points out the downfall of just testing everything in grey scale: red looks darker than yellow to us, but grey scaling in PhotoShop would make them the same colour if the original colours are equally saturated. I suggest turning down the colour on your monitor instead – it seems more effective to me.

In his discussion on colour, Dave points us to Pixy’s Colour Scheme Picker. “Run there”, he says, “don’t walk”. Get your bookmark out and sprint there, I say. For someone like me, who lacks confidence in colour choices, the Colour Scheme Picker is incredibly well thought out and unbelievably useful. I can pick a colour I like (from a photo, perhaps), plug it into the tool and it will immediately spit out a colour scheme based around that colour. And for those of you not blessed with protanomalia, it will even simulate what I see.