A free font success story

Museo sample

The MyFonts January 2009 newsletter reports on their Top 10 Fonts of 2008. The list highlights the year’s most successful fonts in each genre, based on sales numbers.

Sitting pretty in that list (based on sales numbers, remember) is a free font family: Museo and Museo Sans, which were the year’s top geometric display fonts. Designer Jos Buivenga offers three out of the five Museo weights for free, along with 2 out of the 10 Museo Sans fonts, but on the strength of the paid weights alone, the Museo family still made it to the top of the list. Jos specifically allows use of the free weights for @font-face linking, but it’s clear this was no deterrent to people forking out hard cash for the full family. There’s a lesson there for the rest of the industry, methinks.

Museo is good for headings like this one

Museo is a clean yet unconventional semi-serif. With its sans-serif companion, both typefaces are lucid and versatile, great for original-looking headlines but also effective in medium-sized texts. If you have a suitable browser (Safari, Firefox 3.1, Opera 10) the prior heading should be have been rendered in Museo 700 through the magic of webfonts.