Avoiding headphone tangleness

Over on Daring Fireball, Gruber observed that iPod headphone cables ‘get terribly tangled when bunched up in a pocket or pouch’ and went on to say that:

This has been a constant irritation for me ever since I first got an iPhone. In the back of my mind, I’ve had the vague hope that the problem would eventually be solved by wireless earphones.

John posits that the problem has been solved by the new rubbery headphone cables that come with iPhone 3G. I say the problem has been solved for ages (and not just on Apple headphones).

iPhone headphones with cable tidy slid into place

See that rubber ring you can slide up the cord from where the two cables join together? When you’re ready to pack away your headphones, slide that ring all the way up to the ear buds and it will stop them getting tangled up when you stuff them away.

Yes, I’m sure everybody knows this already. But if you didn’t… well now you do, and may your headphones stay disentangled forevermore.