Every year in about this time in August, houses, shops and pubs are draped in rainbow flags as Pride takes over Brighton for the weekend. Don’t try to get a haircut this weekend – believe me I’ve tried – the hairdressers are all shut until Tuesday! I snapped a few pictures of the procession sweating its way from the Palace Pier to Preston Park.

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year. In fact the hottest day on record, finally reaching 100°F at Heathrow. As Tom rightly moans, we are just not set up for this kind of weather in the UK. It was 30.5°C in the bedroom last night, which is not conducive to sleep (and it’s been that hot for a fortnight – I’m officially ratty at the moment). And unless you like being woken up at 4am by screeching herring gulls, you can’t even afford to leave the windows open around here.