New (to me) music

This Easter weekend I managed to spend some quality time alone with my hi-fi and some choice vinyl. Doesn’t happen as often as it should do; just lounging on the sofa for a few hours, listening to music and reading.

And what did I read? X-Ray magazine of course. Their new release reviews are excellent, no NME cobblers, just what and who the artist sounds like, and why they are good/bad/indifferent. As a result of the reviews and a few articles, here’s a list of stuff I might buy:

  • Yo La Tengo – ‘Summer Sun’ and ‘And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out’
  • Sonic Youth – ‘Daydream Nation’
  • Fat Truckers – ‘Fat Truckers’
  • The Cool Jerks – ‘Cleaned a Lot of Plates In…’
  • Adult – ‘Resuscitation’
  • Various – ‘The Sympathetic Sound of Toe Rag’
  • Hot Hot Heat – ‘Make Up The Breakdown’
  • Husband – ‘Rock and Pop’
  • Ladytron – ‘Blue Jeans’ and ‘604’
  • Richard Hawley – ‘Late Night Final’

(Norman Records and Diverse Vinyl rub their hands in glee.) Anything to add or avoid? Suspiciously, all of X-Ray’s reviewers give scores of 3 out of 5 or more. I’d be happy with this if it’s a deliberate way of listing this month’s recommended releases, but I’d like to know for sure.

And honour of this musical interlude, here’s today’s bag of dunkable arse:

Formed a band and had
Loads of good songs like
Love Froth Tuesday, Pancake Candy Shoes

Got a good guitarist
But he’s got a sad Barnet
Kiss Cream Carnival, Lime Sky Spooky Pills.

It’s me 4AD3DCD, me 4AD3DCD, me 4AD3DCD.
And I’m on a foundation course.

From 4AD3DCD on This Leaden Pall.