More Friday banter from the Biscuit:

I should have just got a job on the bins.
The pay’s better and I’d know some hard blokes.
And I wouldn’t have to pretend
That I know what rhetorical means.

I could have been like Lou Barlow,
But I’m more like Ken Barlow.

from Lark Descending on Editor’s Recommendation.

I’ve added a User Agents page which shows the distribution of browsers and platforms used by clagnut readers. Dull statistics include: 47% of you use IE6, 9% use Mozilla, 1.3% use Safari and 2% still use Netscape 4. And more than 1 in 11 of you are Mac jockeys.

I make use of PHP’s get_browser function which examines the user agent string and pulls out all the bits and pieces (not just browser manufacturer, but level of CSS support and all sorts). PHP doesn’t come with get_browser installed as standard, so I had to ask my web host to enable it. As usual Omar at came up trumps the same day I sent in the request. Thanks guys – that’s service for you.

And it seems the RSS feed isn’t picking up post summaries at the moment, but fear not: I’m on to it.