Google buys Measure Map

Well I didn’t really see that coming. Jeff Veen, Product Director for Measure Map, reports that Measure Map has been acquired by Google, and according to Adaptive Path, he’s going there with it as ‘a Design Manager’. In fact Jeff’s already gone, as demonstrated by his first post on the Google blog.

Most of the commentary so far has been questioning how Measure Map will fit with Google Analytics but they are really very different beasts. Google Analytics is for generic site traffic analysis whereas Measure Map is solely for use on blogs. So the question really should be: how will Google hook Measure Map into Blogger (also owned by Google, let’s not forget).

With Jeff going to Google, Adaptive Path’s loss is definitely Google’s gain. At least I hope so – I look forward to seeing what Jeff can do for Google (and us). I also hope he can blog about some of it, as he has done while at Adaptive Path. People tend to go a bit quiet when sucked into the Google machine.