Ego charting

Technorati recently released cool charty goodness for any keyword search, and what’s more you can post the graphs right into your blog. For example, picking some words completely at random, here’s the last three months of activity surrounding the phrase ‘Richard Rutter‘:

Technorati Chart

And for the record, here’s a static version of that chart as it appeared on the day of this post. It shows a sudden spike in ‘fame’ during December as Web Typography was released.

Technorati chart

Some other interesting charts of the moment might include:

Any more for any more?

Update. I’ve just found (via Paul) egoSurf which calculates egoPoints based on how often your name links back to your website in search engine results. I found my name in their top fifty and my bonce got too big for my hat. Then Clearleft and Clagnut were given demi-god status and my head exploded.