Lieing on

Found in the hyper-cool Fourier Transform records notebook/sketchpad, there’s definitely some truth in this:

Now I don’t have to pester you every month with what I’ve been listening to – you can just have a look for yourself whenever you feel like being nosey or musically curious, cos I gone done got a Last FM page.

Of course, what I’ll really do is put some really super cool and impressively obscure stuff on the computer when I get up in a morning and just leave it running throughout the day, but I’ll have the audio on mute, because super cool music rarely actually sounds any good. So while Last FM tells you I’m currently listening to the latest bootleg mashup of the Double Leopards versus LCD Soundsystem versus the Clarke-Boland Big Band versus Robbie Basho, I’ll in fact be playing Stereophonics LPs out loud on the record player.

And while you’re checking out Fourier Transform’s weird and wonderful stuff, do cast your eyes over their forthcoming Buried Treasure which redefines the concept of limited edition:

10 sets of field recordings, each taken in a different secret location around the UK. Each one has been processed into beautiful music by one of 10 different artists, and then buried in the recording location.

Fantastic. I may just go for one myself – at least it will get me out of the house.