Quiet around here, isn’t it?

Lonely yacht sailing in the early morning light

Well it’s the usual reason – so much stuff, so little time. For example, there’s the massive, life-changing project, of which many of you are already aware (full details to be released this month). Then there’s the small but significant project teetering on the brink of release, which some of you know about, and I hope will be of use to all. Then there’s not one, but two books on the go. And then I went on holiday while I still had the chance.

And while I was away I became extremely popular, or at least sought after. The Watchmaker Project reported that searches for both Clagnut and Richard Rutter appeared in Technorati’s top ten simultaneously. I imagine it was some weirdness caused by Technorati Watchlists and Shrook getting all over-anxious.

Or perhaps people did have a sudden need to find about me (as if), maybe because of my appearance in the index of Professional CSS: Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design. I mention the index specifically, because my moment of fame in the book itself has been usurped by my arch nemesis Richard Butter, as noted by Logoblog. Either way it was extremely gratifying to see How to Size Text Using Ems and Images in Liquid Columns quoted, used and expanded upon in such an excellent book.