Normality returns

My last post seemed to touch a nerve with many people, so on behalf of all those affected directly and indirectly by Thursday’s horrible events, thank you so much for your kind words of support and solidarity, on this blog and your own.

I don’t normally get political here at Clagnut, and even less often do I get angry and sweary, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to show any new readers what I normally write about, by way of a top ten most visited posts this fortnight:

  1. How to size text using ems – a tutorial explaining use of ems in CSS.
  2. Photo fades – Flash-style slideshow effects using JavaScript and CSS.
  3. St Paul’s – a reaction to Thursday’s bombing.
  4. blogger code – a search engine anomaly due to some comments (subsequently removed).
  5. London bomb blasts – my initial post about the bombing.
  6. Mozilla DOM inspector – on discovering Mozilla’s DOM inspector, now referenced by folks trying to find the DOM inspector in Firefox.
  7. Resetting default padding and margin – discussion of CSS technique to remove all the padding and margins from every element in the document.
  8. JavaScript-enhanced image replacement – a JavaScript function to help fix the accessibility issues of CSS image replacement techniques.
  9. Form layout – discussion of using definition lists to mark up and lay out forms.
  10. Accesskey standards – researching standardised application of accesskeys.

Sorry for this cheap post, but I wanted to get my focus back as soon as possible.