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Pepys’ Diary is a weblog with daily entries from Samuel Pepys’s diary, starting from 1st January 1660. I don’t know how well known Samuel Pepys is outside of Britain (anyone care to enlighten?), but every schoolkid here learns about him in History. As a historical figure, Pepys was of little consequence, but his diary gives us a fantastic view of London life and politics in the 17th century. An extract from today:

I met with the Quarter Master of my Lord’s troop, and his clerk Mr. Jenings, and took them home, and gave them a bottle of wine, and the remainder of my collar of brawn; and so good night. After that came in Mr. Hawly, who told me that I was mist this day at my office, and that to-morrow I must pay all the money that I have, at which I was put to a great loss how I should get money to make up my cash, and so went to bed in great trouble.

What makes this site particularly appealing, aside from its elegant design, is the extra info on people and places mentioned, as well as contributions by readers providing such gems as the recipe for sack-posset.

  • From the sublime to the ridiculous. A US college girl has her breasts in our hands. Michel is asking for contributions towards a boob-job as she wishes to transform her modest 34A to big tatas (o)(o). Her goal is $4500; as of this post she has garnered $1042.45, so if this is a scam it’s pretty flippin’ good one. If it’s for real then I reckon Michel would be better off spending her thousands on a brand new Apple and damn good holiday. Of course there’s some breast men that might disagree.

  • BTW, the gaps between my topics are currently coded with the rather nasty <div class="hr"></div>. My forthcoming code will have the topics of each post marked as <li>s in a list. Easier for me when writing posts, lighter markup and more meaningful; everyone’s a winner. This change has now been implemented.