Don’t break the back button!

The new W3C Validator has come out of beta and released unto the world. There is an improved UI and loads of links to the Specs, as well as help, documentation, tips and improved accessibility (accesskeys a-plenty).

There also seems to have been a few changes to the validation algorithm. Before today, this page used to validate but then began to fail: I had a <noscript> inside a <p> element which it seems is not allowed. I’m not really sure why that is not allowed – <noscript> is allowed inside other block elements such as <div>, <li> and <td>. Any ideas?

  • Dithered has some fine coding-related links and a really useful JavaScript library.

  • Zeldman’s essentials highlight topics of particular interest and importance from Jeffrey’s Daily Report. Recently added are some helpful details around his print style sheet. I’ve yet to build one for clagnut, for it’s on the todo list.

  • I’m rather late coming to the party with this one, but Opera 7 (AKA Presto) is now out in beta (Windows only). Opera say:

    Opera’s new modular rendering engine supports DOM (Document Object Model) level 2, dynamic HTML, extended CSS2, 100% ECMAScript, as well as improved HTML 4.01 support, and complete WML 1.3 and 2.0 support. It is faster, smaller and can easily handle non-standard pages using DHTML.

    If it does all of that, we’re in for a treat. The new version has not had an overwhelming reception, but remember folks, this is beta. Opera 7’s scripting specs are now available. More chat in css-discuss.

  • And finally, I forgot to mention a recent ALA article which explains how to embed Flash movies in a valid manner. Clever stuff.