When Christmas came early

The most fabulous and surreal thing happened to me last night. A week ago I went to the Scopitones site and ordered the new single (the first for seven years) from my favourite band, The Wedding Present. Yesterday evening there was a knock at the door. ‘Here’s your Wedding Present CDs,’ a smiling woman said, handing me a package. Wow, I thought, that’s service for you. And then in the dark behind her, I noticed a familiar face. ‘Oh hello,’ I spluttered. ‘I don’t supposed you fancy signing these while you’re here?’ It was none other than David Gedge himself, lead singer of the band.

And so in they came while I scrabbled around for a pen. ‘We were just passing, so we thought we’d drop this around.’ Fantastic, in the true sense of the word. There I was in my own home, chatting about Brighton and curry and gigging with one of my all time musical heroes. And I have to say, to his credit, Gedge was utterly charming and genuine, and there simply to put smile on a fan’s face. And in the spirit of the season, he had more deliveries to make after mine.

Well the next few days can be rubbish now. As far as I’m concerned, Christmas has come early for me, and I’m still grinning for ear to ear. And if there’s lesson to be learnt here, it is buy your records directly from the label – especially if it’s a little indie – you never know what might happen! Happy Christmas, one and all, and may your presents be as good as mine was.