Google Print and Google Suggest

There’s a couple of new (to me) features on Google that I wasn’t aware of. Firstly (via Simon Willison) Google Print provides searches within books. This is available through the normal search interface if you prefix your search with ‘books on’, for example books on CSS has three ‘Book results’ at the top. Clicking a book title shows an image of the most relevant page from that book. I’m sure Google’s new shareholders are glad that Google is extending its reach beyond the Web.

Second up is Google Suggest. Google describes it thus:

As you type, Google will offer suggestions. Use the arrow keys to navigate the results.

It’s very similar to the LiveSearch clever people have been integrating into their blogs; Dunstan for example. The Register used Google Suggest to compile a new world A-Z. The entry for A is entirely predictable; the entry for P is somewhat rueful.