Yahoo! is becoming less and less relevant by the day, as it relies more and more on Google. From the Yahoo! Help pages:

You may have noticed that the Yahoo! Search results look a little different.

As part of our ongoing efforts to offer you the easiest and most rewarding search experience, by default we now list results ranked by relevancy that combine Web page matches from both third parties and the Yahoo! Directory.

Previously, by default we listed search results from the Yahoo! Directory and third-party search engine providers separately. Directory listings can still be viewed separately by clicking on the ‘Directory Site Matches’ option in the navigation bar located below the search box.

Essentially the search results now come through Google and if a site is listed in Yahoo! it is marked with a red icon. This means that the $299/year commercial listings in Yahoo! are now almost worthless – you’ll still need to get yourself a decent listing in Google. [via Site Point Tribune]

PodLob has some great DHTML experimentation going on – the fading slide show is very nice, although I think I might have a go at doing it with proper alpha transparencies instead of separate images for the tween. [via Adactio]