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  • What’s with the new iTunes skin?

    Why oh why did Apple have to re-skin iTunes? Is it not bad enough to have Aqua, Brushed Metal and that other skin GarageBand uses? Now I have four different looks to Apple applications. And this latest one is terrible.

  • The user-centred aesthetic

    So far this year, my regular reads on the Web have covered techniques in all the disciplines required to create quality web sites. All the disciplines bar one, that is. What’s missing? The visual design; the look; the skin; the surface. While the folks I’ve been…

  • Chip off the old block

    “Girl to get tracker implant to ease parents’ fears” says the Guardian today, as it regrettably & shamefully rehashes a Mirror exclusive. Disturbing moral and privacy implications asides, this technology simply doesn’t exist. At Multimap we enable…

  • OS X newbie alert

    My new iBook arrived just in time for the Easter break. This is not only the first time I’ve owned a Mac but also the first time I’ve used one for more than about a minute.