Top blog tips

Every now and then, ALA runs an article which further cements the strong relationship between its readers and its authors (who, I suspect, are also readers). I’m talking about the kind of cosy (in its most positive sense) article, written by someone who clearly gets the Web; someone we can identify with. This week is one of these articles: 10 Tips on Writing the Living Web by Mark Bernstein and is essentially a wonderful guide to writing a decent web log.

In summary, Bernstein’s tips are:

  1. Write for a reason.
  2. Write often.
  3. Write tight.
  4. Make good friends.
  5. Find good enemies.
  6. Let the story unfold.
  7. Stand up, speak out.
  8. Be sexy.
  9. Use your archives.
  10. Relax!

Tips 5 and 6 are worth the entry fee alone.

And how many of how these guidelines I manage to achieve on clagnut I’m not sure: perhaps you should be the judge?