Boxed in

An email thread:

“Now I look back on the days at home, I see how amazing it was. This is emptiness. Now do I buy an XBox or GameCube to make myself feel better?”

“GameCube of course.”

“I saw said boxes on demo. XBox is smoother and it plays Tellytubbies DVDs: clinch factor.”

“Ah but as the GameCube literature says – it’s a gamer’s machine. If you want cuteness and good games it’s got to be the Cube, if it’s multipurpousness then get a PS2. Don’t give money to Microsoft, give it to Sony! Actually, no, give it to Microsoft. Actually neither XBox or PS2 has any/many good games.”

“You can’t get an XBox, it’s a big, ugly, tacky hulk of shit. Who cares about the technical stuff and what the games are like? What counts is what they look like when switched off and stowed in the corner, and the GameCube is the clear winner there.”

Well that’s settled then.