Browse Happ(il)y

Browse Happy: Switch to a safer browser today

WaSP have just released a minisite, designed by Ethan Marcotte. The purpose of Browse Happy is to spread the message to all and sundry that there are alternative browsers to Internet Explorer. It does so in an Apple Switch kind of way with real people explaining how and why they moved from Internet Explorer to something better. If you’ve recently dumped IE, would be happy to tell the tale and are not a white male, I’m Browse Happy would love to hear from you (actually I’m sure they’d love to hear from you whatever your denomination).

Like adverbs in American marketing material, the once ubiquitous sparrow is becoming scarce, or so we are informed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The RSPB site sports some fine XHTML & CSS and is a textbook example of liquid layout. It also has an extremely well thought out information architecture with pages clearly designed to be easily readable, scannable and browsable. A fine example of how a content-based site can work.

Hivelogic has returned with a redesign of three elegant columns painted with muted colours and the first person singular. It immediately reminded me of a cross between Stopdesign and Ftrain which, lets face it, can be no bad thing.