What’s the difference between a blog and a news site?

A question asked of me by a non-blogging friend. Other than content emphasis, he could see little difference, and thinking about it neither could I. (Which might explain why RSS, originally developed for news feeds, has been so whole heartedly taken on board in the blogosphere.) It’s hardly a new observation, but seems with the reliance on Reuters and Associated Press feeds, some news sites are becoming closer to blogs than perhaps they would desire.

Belle Nuit HTMLBook 1.0 from Belle Nuit Montage is a neat freeware application that compiles multiple HTML pages into one printable PDF document with custom header, footer and table of contents. Useful for wrapping up documentation written in HTML (as I tend to do). Runs on Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

Nick Bradbury gives us a little insight into how his early attempts as a career cartoonist led to him becoming the computer programmer we all know and love.