ISSN refused

I’ve just had an email back from the ISSN UK Centre, once more turning down my request for an ISSN for Clagnut. Their reason being:

Our guidelines state that an online service which is being continually and seamlessly updated would not be regarded as a serial. I am afraid we would have to say that our current assessment is that your publication would count as being continually and seamlessly updated, rather than being divided into parts or issues, although we appreciate that there are separate posts. It would therefore not be eligible for an ISSN.

They didn’t say if their guidelines were internal or from ISSN International Centre. I’d be almost tempted to concede their point, however the ISSN UK Centre goes on to say,

Generally we are not assigning ISSN to websites, including weblogs, at present.

which rather shows their true colours: no to ISSN for weblogs. Very disappointing.