Something’s missing around here

You may have noticed that the most recent post on Clagnut (apart from this one) dates back almost exactly six years – to June 2006. That is due to a catastrophic database failure. I hope to rescue the missing 6 years over the coming weeks; there’s quite a lot in the WayBackMachine so that might be a good start. The comments are in there too, which would be as much of a sad loss as the blog posts themselves.

So did I have a backup? Well obviously not, at least not a recent one. Files: yes. Database: no. So what happened to the database anyway? Good question, thanks for asking.

It all started back in 2004 when I stumped up $200 for lifetime hosting with Textdrive (I was a so-called VC200). Joyent acquired Textdrive a few years later and honoured the lifetime hosting for VC200 folk. Well since then we’ve been stuck on what seems to be a wretchedly slow server (the dreaded ‘One’ shared server), but heh you pay peanuts….

In fairness Joyent have tried pursuading me to move to one or other of their better services, but frankly they didn’t exactly offer much help with that beyond a long set of daunting technical instructions. And so eventually payback came. ‘One’ finally gave up the ghost and disppeared off the face of the Earth. Along with the files and databases I run for all my sites, including Clagnut and Web Typography. After a few days Joyent managed to reinstate all the files and databases apart from the ‘clagnut’ database. It was gone without trace. Still at least they apologised:

I’m very sorry about this. Our operations team have not been able to restore the ‘clagnut’ database.

I’ve now moved Clagnut over to Vidahost who, so far, seem very helpful. And my site is much faster too.


I’m gradually reinstating blog posts from the Internet Archive, so if you see some slightly odd and out-of-date things appearing, check the date on the post.