Top Tunes 2010

Artwork of The Best Songs I Bought In 2010 Ever

So here it is again: the track listing to my annual compilation, ‘The Best Songs I Bought In 2010 Ever’. I’m quite pleased with this year. It all seems to flow nicely, and there’s a bit more variation than previous years.

The Best Songs I Bought In 2010 Ever

  1. Throwing Bones by The Phantom Band from the album Checkmate Savage
  2. A Rumour In Africa by Errors from the album Come Down With Me
  3. We Have Love by Hot Chip from the album One Life Stand
  4. Stress Position by Steve Mason from the album Boys Outside
  5. The Pact (I’ll Be Your Fever) by Villagers from the album Becoming A Jackal
  6. Treat Me Like Your Mother by The Dead Weather from the album Horehound
  7. It’s The Weekend by Jason Lytle from the album Yours Truly, The Commuter
  8. Sigourney Weaver by John Grant from the album Queen Of Denmark
  9. Suffragette Suffragette by Everything Everything from the album Man Alive
  10. Evening Of Swing (Has Been Cancelled) by Half Man Half Biscuit from the album CSI: Ambleside
  11. Last Broadcast by The Soundcarriers from the album Celeste
  12. White Table by Delta Spirit from the album History From Below
  13. Hallogallo by Neu! from the album Neu!
  14. Paradise Circus by Massive Attack from the album Heligoland
  15. All To All by Broken Social Scene from the album Forgiveness Rock Record
  16. Pure As Snow (Trails Of The Winter Storm) by Mono from the album Hymn To The Immortal Wind

I realise I’ve missed out compilations for 2008 and 2009. These exist so for completeness I’ll post them up in due course.