Shortbread finger

In a special edition of the revived Friday Biscuit series, I am happy to honour the save BBC 6 Music campaign by revisiting “Joy Division Oven Gloves”:

Well I’ve been here and I’ve been there
In me Joy Division oven gloves
I’ve been to a post punk postcard fair
In me Joy Division ovengloves

Talk to the hand
Talk to the hand
In me Joy Division oven gloves
Dance, dance, dance
In me Joy Division oven gloves

some Joy Division oven gloves

Why? Because the Save BBC 6 Music campaign is trying to get Joy Division Oven Gloves to number 6 in the singles charts this weekend. So whip out your credit card and fork out 49p on a great song, and see if we can get Half Man Half Biscuit to subvert the charts (channel your inner Malcolm Mclaren, RIP).

You have until the end of Saturday 10th April for your purchase to count. At the time of writing, Joy Division Oven Gloves is at number 2 in the Amazon mp3 chart and number 57 in the UK iTunes chart.

What’s all this 6 Music kerfuffle about anyway? BBC 6 Music is a much loved digital radio station threatened with closure following a strategic review of the BBC. This caused much anger from regular listeners and music lovers in general, because of the widely held view (with which I agree) that 6 Music is the last bastion of alternative music in the UK, and an important output for new artists that would not otherwise get airtime. Essentially 6 Music is seen as the last remaining output of the BBC to channels the spirit of John Peel.

By all means buy Joy Division Oven Gloves, it will be good publicity, as are the Twitter campaigns (love6music and #save6music) and Facebook groups (JDOG and Save BBC 6Music) but if you want to directly affect the future of 6 Music you need to contact the BBC through official channels. The Beeb doesn’t make this obvious, but instructions and directions are on Sounds like a good thing to do on a Friday – do it now!