Top Fifty Albums of the Decade

Pitchfork pitched in with theirs back in October, the NME did it more recently, and this weekend the Observer/Guardian published theirs. Today it’s my turn. I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath for what is the ultimate list of the top fifty albums of the decade.

And was it a good decade? There was no emerging or prevalent musical ‘movement’ that I’m aware of, unlike Britpop and the ecstasy-fuelled Dance of the Nineties. That decade will always be a defining era for me because it’s when my musical taste left the mainstream for a more independent view. This past decade saw a similar but lesser renaissance, as I discovered alt-country through the likes of Lambchop and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, and trekked a little further off the beaten track into the world of Animal Collective, Explosions in the Sky and a Band of Horses. Judging from this list of albums, though, it seems as if I’ve not quite shaken being an indie kid at heart, and that’s fine by me.

So here it is, culled from my own personal collection and ordered in terms of the albums I like most (therefore my order is right and ‘corrections’ you might like to make are inherently wrong).

  1. View on Amazon Is A Woman
    Lambchop (2002)
  2. View on Amazon Rings Around The World
    Super Furry Animals (2001)
  3. View on Amazon Greatest Palace Music
    Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (2004)
  4. View on Amazon Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
    Arctic Monkeys (2006)
  5. View on Amazon Leaders of the Free World
    Elbow (2005)
  6. View on Amazon The Hazards of Love
    The Decemberists (2009)
  7. View on Amazon Funeral
    Arcade Fire (2004)
  8. View on Amazon The Sophtware Slump
    Grandaddy (2000)
  9. View on Amazon Rounds
    Four Tet (2003)
  10. View on Amazon All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
    Explosions in the Sky (2007)
  11. View on Amazon Picaresque
    The Decemberists (2005)
  12. View on Amazon Hail to the Thief
    Radiohead (2003)
  13. View on Amazon The Decline Of British Sea Power
    British Sea Power (2003)
  14. View on Amazon Cease to Begin
    Band of Horses (2007)
  15. View on Amazon Astronomy for Dogs
    The Aliens (2007)
  16. View on Amazon Colour It In
    The Maccabees (2007)
  17. View on Amazon Absolution
    Muse (2003)
  18. View on Amazon White Blood Cells
    The White Stripes (2001)
  19. View on Amazon Happiness In Magazines
    Graham Coxon (2004)
  20. View on Amazon Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (2005)
  21. View on Amazon Black Mountain
    Black Mountain (2005)
  22. View on Amazon Blueberry Boat
    The Fiery Furnaces (2004)
  23. View on Amazon ( )
    Sigur Rós (2002)
  24. View on Amazon Boxing Hefner
    Hefner (2000)
  25. View on Amazon Superabundance
    The Young Knives (2008)
  26. View on Amazon Cansei De Ser Sexy
    CSS (2006)
  27. View on Amazon I Am Kloot
    I Am Kloot (2004)
  28. View on Amazon Amber
    Clearlake (2006)
  29. View on Amazon Keep On Your Mean Side
    The Kills (2003)
  30. View on Amazon Fleet Foxes
    Fleet Foxes (2008)
  31. View on Amazon Franz Ferdinand
    Franz Ferdinand (2004)
  32. View on Amazon Sound Of Silver
    LCD Soundsystem (2006)
  33. View on Amazon The Closer You Get
    Six By Seven (2000)
  34. View on Amazon Let It Come Down
    Spiritualized (2001)
  35. View on Amazon Antidotes
    Foals (2008)
  36. View on Amazon Up The Bracket
    The Libertines (2002)
  37. View on Amazon Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (2000)
  38. View on Amazon #1
    Fischerspooner (2002)
  39. View on Amazon Antics
    Interpol (2004)
  40. View on Amazon American IV – The Man Comes Around
    Johnny Cash (2002)
  41. View on Amazon Xtrmntr
    Primal Scream (2000)
  42. View on Amazon Is This It?
    The Strokes (2000)
  43. View on Amazon Merriweather Post Pavilion
    Animal Collective (2009)
  44. View on Amazon Since I Left You
    The Avalanches (2001)
  45. View on Amazon Vampire Weekend
    Vampire Weekend (2008)
  46. View on Amazon You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine
    Death From Above 1979 (2004)
  47. View on Amazon These Were…
    The Earlies (2004)
  48. View on Amazon Give Up
    The Postal Service (2002)
  49. View on Amazon Show Your Bones
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2006)
  50. View on Amazon Felt Mountain
    Goldfrapp (2000)

Fifty seems like a pretty big number, but it seems I bought a lot of albums in the past ten years. My long-list comprised 120 releases, and it was pretty tough subsequently leaving out great albums such as Third, Neon Bible, Kid A, as well as artists like Beck, Beirut, Bon Iver, Calexico, Wilco and even Basement Jaxx, Madonna and the Streets. Such is the nature of stupid lists like these. Have you got an albums of the decade list? What albums you would have put in here?