Captioning Sucks

Captioning Sucks. Now let's fix it

As part of the Open & Closed Project, Joe Clark has released a new site, Captioning Sucks, to highlight the shoddy state of captions in broadcasting. Here’s why captioning sucks:

  • There’s not enough of it.
  • Your complaints are ignored (if you can even manage to file a complaint).
  • Captions are hard to read, mostly because of lousy fonts.
  • Deaf people settle for less than 100% captioning.
  • Broadcasters use the wrong kind of captioning (like scrollup or real-time captioning).
  • So-called regulators let broadcasters get away with murder – because regulators and broadcasters play a game of musical chairs and swap positions over time.
  • And finally… there are no standards.

Head over to Captioning Sucks to find out more about this problem which affects millions of people. While you’re there you can enjoy the Comic Sans goodness – anyone who knows Joe’s interest in typography will realise there must a very good reason for that (it’s not an April Fool).