Honour to be nominated

Brighton & Hove Virtual Festival

Last night saw the Brighton & Hove Virtual Festival Web Awards 2003. A good time was had by all – the beer was free (initially) and the venue cosy.

Regular readers will know that Clagnut was nominated for Best Personal Site. Well I didn’t win but thanks to everyone who voted. The honour went to Quin Parker’s If you lived here you would be home by now blog. Despite the MC’s somewhat dismissive attitude towards personal sites, the other nominees are also well worth a look:

Biggest cheer went to Brighton’s Black History, winner of Best Community site. Bert Williams, their spokesman, managed to hush the entire room for his impassioned thank yous. Bert will also be speaking as part of the Brighton Food & Drink Lovers Festival at Momma Cherri’s Soul Food Shack on the history of soul food.

After the ceremony, Her Indoors and I shared more than a few Budwars with Jeremy and Jessica – that’s the best thing about these occasions – finding new friends and renewing old acquaintances.