Sunday in the sticks

My Sunday in the sticks: 30 miles over 4½ hours (including lunch). Hardly an astonishing pace, but what a ride. The clinging morning drizzle had burned out to sunshine, leaving the trails in perfect condition.

We rode up Leith, played around on the drop-offs and headed down the Step Mother for the first time in ages; it was as fast and furious as I’ve seen it.

Next was Holmbury, up the back way via some great Parklife-like whoops, which were new to me. Down the other side via Golden Birdies (mint, absolutely mint technical singletrack) into Peaslake for samosas, bananas and Ribena.

Then up Pitch and around the perimeter path – what a view to the South Downs, returning to Peaslake. Back up the side of Holmbury and down a steep winder through the trees. Past the Volunteer, past Kevin Spacey, up and over Abinger Roughs (pausing to pat the goats) and back for a cuppa and to order a spanking new £1900 bike.

Kevin Spacey! Yep the man himself, sauntering along a bridleway. Not something you see everyday, to be sure, especially in the middle of the Surrey countryside. (I believe Mr Spacey is in the country in his capacity as artistic director of the Old Vic theatre).

And the new bike. Ooh the new bike. I’ll come back to that subject on Sunday when I hope to take possession of said sex on wheels.