Bulletproof Ajax

Bulletproof Ajax official site.

I’m extremely proud to say my esteemed colleague, Jeremy Keith, has finished his latest book, Bulletproof Ajax. As a follow-up to his previous hit, DOM Scripting, this book has the same pragmatic approach, written in Jeremy’s inimittable style. Announcing the book on his blog, Jeremy said,

Bulletproof Ajax is different. It’s aimed at front-end developers and designers: the kind of people who are already well-versed in web standards; CSS, (X)HTML, and maybe a dab of JavaScript. But it’s certainly not aimed at hardcore programmers.

Just to be clear: this book is not a cookbook of code. Yes, there is code in there to illustrate the concepts but it’s the concepts that are really important. The code is meant simply as a starting point. I go into far more detail on the design challenges and philosophical implications of Ajax. That’s why I think people will either love this book or hate it.

I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. It’s due for release in about a month but you can pre-order from Amazon now.

Bulletproof Ajax training workshop

To coincide with the book launch, Jeremy is also presenting a one-day Ajax training workshop during which he’ll work through the main features in the book. Places are limited to just 18 people to keep the workshop nice and intimate, and every will get a copy of Bulletproof Ajax to take home with them (assuming distribution has reached the UK by then). The workshop takes place in Clearleft’s shiny new offices in Brighton on Friday 2nd March and costs just £295 for early birds.