Colour blind questionnaire

I just had an email from a nice chap called Luke who is doing a PhD in computer science at UEA in Norwich. As part of his research, he’s developing new methods to adapt colours on computer displays in order to enhance the visibility for colour blind computer users.

In order to better understand the problem and hence develop a better solution, he’s keen to involve colour blind people in his research. To this end, he’s placed a questionnaire online in order to gather some background information about the severity of people’s colour blindness and the problems it creates (if any). So if you’re colour blind (and I know some of you are) then please help out. The questionnaire only takes you a couple of minutes to complete.

In case it’s dropped out of your RSS feeds, you should know that the hard working Drew McLellan has launched another series of 24 ways – the geek’s advent calendar. There’s already been some fabulous pieces from PPK, Christian Heilmann, Andy Budd and Rachel Andrew, and if that’s any indication there’s great things to come. That and a contribution from me.