Great Escape Festival day three

Due to an unplanned afternoon drinking session I missed Lodger, which also meant I missed all but one song of Archie Bronson Outfit. From what I could hear from the queue outside they had a brass-driven stomping anger overlying country rhythms, as if Morphine and Fugazi had got together to perform Johnny Cash covers.

De Rosa

Next up were De Rosa from Scotland. Contrary to just about every other band I’d seen, I felt these might actually sound better in a studio then they did live. Odd as it sounds, that isn’t meant to knock their live performance, it’s just that they sounded somewhat like Crowded House with the gain turned up, when I suspect there’s a lot more anger and drive about them than that.

British Sea Power

And so to British Sea Power, a prime reason for doing the Great Escape in the first place. I love this band, especially live. BSP start their sets straight forward and controlled – they played some great sounding new tracks (almost rock n’ roll in style), building up to crowd pleasers Carrion (download) and Remember Me and on to an almighty finale.

BSP have often cited the Stooges as an influence and there was plenty of Iggy Pop madness on offer here. The trigger to insanity was a human tree arriving onstage which promptly ended up in the crowd to rapturous applause. At this point Yan flipped. An Iggy stare appeared in his eyes and he jumped on the trumpet player, climbed onto his shoulders and dived into the crowd. Rock cliche perhaps but who cares. It was an awesome peformance and a fitting finale to a fantastic three nights.