SxSW is just over the horizon

I’m off to South by Southwest tomorrow and I can’t wait. As Jeremy reports, almost the entire Britpack will be there again as well as several coachloads more Brits.

There are some great looking panels. I’m particularly looking forward to opening things with Traditional Design and New Technology (featuring Britpacker Mark Boulton) and rounding off with How to Develop Digitally Convergent Devices for Cars. Of course, Clearlefties Andy and Jeremy are also participating in panels How to Bluff Your Way in DOM Scripting and How to Be A Web Design Superhero respectively.

Of course the panels are only a fraction of what SxSW is all about. Another major component is the evening parties. With meticulous care, I’ve been planning my evenings on Upcoming.

SxSW attendees might just be able to win an iPod Nano courtesy of the fine folks at Westciv (makers of Style Master). Just upload a photo of someone to Flickr, tag it with their name and stylemastersxsw and you could be in there.

So if you’re heading to Austin, drop me a note here and hopefully I’ll see you for a Shiner or three at some point.

And if you can’t make it to SxSW, but are interested in seeing Jeremy talk, then your luck’s in. Due to public demand, Clearleft is repeating the Ajax Workshop in Manchester in late May. More details will follow on the website.