Post d.Constructivism

So d.Construct is over. It all seemed to go swimmingly well and there has been a fantastic positive response from everyone who attended. I was compering (if that’s the right word) which I was a little nervous about beforehand, having not spoken in front of quite so many people before, but even that felt easier once things got underway.

One of the lessons we will take away from Friday is to not underestimate people’s desire for the social side of these events. Having a enjoyed the social sides of SxSW and @media earlier in the year, it was something we were very much aware of, but we wanted to fit a lot into the day, in order to cover as much as of what Web 2.0 is all about. In hindsight perhaps we could have had one less speaker and longer break times. Also in the evening, people were directed to a large pub rather than us booking a post-event venue, but that didn’t seem to matter too much and anyway it kept the cost down for everyone.

Thank you to everyone for attending, to our speakers who were superb to a man, and special shouts to Jon Hicks, Denis Radenkovich and Drew McLellan for helping us out with the printing, logo and podcasts respectively (the latter will be available soon).

Andy has posted links to the talk presentations as well as some of the reaction and analysis. For more, check out the Flickr pool and dconstruct05 tag, searches on Technorati and Google Blog Search as well as Gareth Rushgrove’s excellent d.Construct blog aggregator.