Reformulation results

Many thanks to all those who’ve posted bug reports and, rather pleasingly, success reports on the reformulation of clagnut. Since the last post I’ve verified that clagnut works and looks good (in fact almost identical) on the following platforms:

Win2K MacOS9 Redhat
IE 5 yes
IE 5.5 yes
IE 6.0 yes1
Moz 1.01 yes
Moz 1.2 yes
Op 7b1 yes
Op 6.05 yes2
  1. Some overflow problems (previously identified as box model problems). Also came across a few other bugs which I’ll expand on later.
  2. Indenting problems with headings.

Collectively, other kind folk have verified the following platforms looking good fine:

Win WinXP MacOSX Redhat FreeBSD
IE 5 yes
IE 5.2 yes
Moz 1.0 yes
Moz 1.3a yes yes
Chim 0.6 yes
Ph 0.5 yes1
Op 6.0 yes
Op 6.05 yes
Konq 3.0.2 yes
Saf 1.0b51 yes
Lynx yes2
NS 4.02 yes2
  1. A bit stretched, but not very noticable.
  2. No formatting (obviously) but otherwise fine.

It seems there were some notable failures which I’m just going to have to live with:

Win MacOSX
Amaya yes
Omniweb 4.1.1 yes
iCab 2.8.2 yes

I believe that’s the LazyWeb doing it’s thang – thanks everyone.