SxSW beckons

South by Southwest 2005 Interactive

It’s now just three days until I head off to SxSW and I’m a tad excited. This year there’s a sizeable Brit pack heading to Texas, many of whom will be speaking in panels. Jeremy and Andy, my roommates for the week, will be presenting Bluff your way in CSS on the Saturday; Ian Lloyd will be imparting his considerable knowledge on Sunday in Accessibility: Can’t We All Just Get Along? and Dunstan shows off with two panels: How to Trick-Out Your Blog and the Flash vs. HTML Game Show. Brits also joining in the fun include Malarkey, Jon Hicks, Simon Willison and Patrick Griffiths.

I’ve taken a leaf out of Andy’s book and published a provisional calendar of my schedule (iCal subscription), mostly for the benefit of the afore-mentioned Brits. Judging by how full the calendar is, I reckon I’ll be knackered by the end of Tuesday. By then I’m hoping be a little more enlightened and to have attached a bunch more faces to domain names. Will I see you there?