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  • Fig Roll

    Seven months late, it?s Friday Biscuit time again. And welcome to the Amazon switcher.

  • Top Tunes 2010

    Here’s the track listing to my annual compilation. As ever, titled as ‘The Best Songs I Bought In 2010 Ever’.

  • Top Tunes 2004

    Better late than never, here’s the track listing to my annual compilation. If you’d like a copy of the CD all you need to do is send me a CD comprising the best songs you bought last year.

  • Chocolate digestive

    It’s Friday. It’s time to dunk the Biscuit: My life is comfortable,
    But I don’t want that image for my band.
    Inside I’m reasonable,
    But I’ll make out they just don’t understand.When we don’t feel well let’s
    Put on some…

  • Home time

    Jakob’s latest rant is his Top Ten Guidelines for Homepage Usability which, while providing useful food for thought, is a desperately transparent plug for his latest book (blast: there’s another plug). Personally I would recommend the Home Page chapter of Steve…

  • Top Tunes 2007

    Here’s the track listing to my annual compilation, this year cleverly titled as ‘The Best Songs I Bought In 2007 Ever’. It was a good year, but somehow slightly underwhelming.

  • Buy buy

    Boxes & Arrows has a great article on the Principles of Task Flow for Web Applications which outlines the concept of views and forms. All the cool kids are doing it, so why not me. Go and buy Zeldman’s Designing with Web Standards, or better still get your employers…

  • Top Tunes 2005

    Thought I’d better sneak this one in before the end of January. Here’s the track listing to my annual compilation, this year cleverly titled as ‘The Best Songs I Bought In 2005 Ever’. Turns out it was a surprisingly good year.

  • Hobnob

    Before I go, it’s Friday, so once more here’s your Biscuit: Elsewhere, disturbingly, it has been reported that fret Mackeson has crossed the Pennines and formed a tribute band call the North York Doors (from the North York Moors), who go around the pubs singing…

  • ClagTunes episode 4

    The fourth episode of the music podcast, featuring tracks from Explosions in the Sky, Ballboy, Metronomy, Girls and I Break Horses.

  • Custard cream

    It’s that time of the week again. There’s people who can’t spell weird right, Driving ’round with thousands in the bank. But I get by; got a lot on my mind. I get by; got allotments on my mind. from Turned up Clocked on Laid off on…

  • ClagTunes episode 3

    The third episode of the music podcast, featuring tracks from the Specials, Jonny, Jamie Lidell, Pavement and James Blake.

  • Clichéd cynicism

    You won’t be hearing from me for a few days, so have yourself a terrific Christmas (happy holidays, fab festive season, whatever is PC this year) and a great New Year. And remember these wise words from the Biscuit: You moan at the snow
    Cos your car wouldn’t go. …

  • ClagTunes episode 2

    The second episode of a music podcast, featuring tracks from the Steve Mason, Everything Everything, Delta Spirit and Broken Social Scene.

  • Top Tunes 2003

    I’ve recently been enjoying Asterisk’s Song of the Week feature, so much so that I may ‘borrow’ the idea. In the meantime, here’s the some personal recommendations by way of the track listing to my compilation ‘The Best Songs I Bought In 2003…

  • No relegation

    The Friday bite of Biscuit: Late morning, hanging ’round a trap door.
    Saw a girl like I’ve never seen before.
    I wanna make her mathematically safe.
    Wanna keep her mathematically safe. from Mathematically Safe on Trouble Over Bridgwater.

  • Top Tunes 2006

    Here’s the track listing to my annual compilation, this year cleverly titled as ‘The Best Songs I Bought In 2006 Ever’. It was another good year.

  • Bourbon cream

    It’s the first Biscuit Friday of the year.

  • Making sense of Radiohead

    There’s a really interesting post on Creating Passionate Users right now: it explains how seeing Radiohead play live – for one fan – changed how she listens to, and hears the album Kid A. I had a similar experience.

  • ClagTunes episode 1

    The inaugural episode of a music podcast, featuring tracks from the Phantom Band, Villagers, the Soundcarriers and John Grant.

  • Quiet around here, isn’t it?

    Well it’s the usual reason – so much stuff, so little time. There’s two projects, two books and then my arch nemesis pops up.

  • Biscuit time

    It’s Friday, it must be time for the Biscuit… Does your heroin lose it’s glamour on the washboad overnight? When your mother says Don’t do it, do you crack it up in spite? Do you rob your brother’s Giro, do you talk a load of shite? Does your…

  • Rich Tea

    I’ve added ‘remember me’ to blog comments. I haven’t asked, it just does it; is that bad? Anyway, with PHP, it was ridiculously easy. Set the cookie with setcookie(“author”,$author, time()+2592000,”/”) and retrieve it with $author=$_COOKIE[“author”] . …

  • Trousers

    Some stupid fun for a Friday afternoon: Bond Films They Should Have Made. And some more Biscuit: I’ve got fur in my kettle and a film on my tea;
    I’m living in a hard water town.
    But I don’t let it get me down.[spoken]
    Should any man wish to make himself…

  • High tackle

    It’s Friday! Biscuit time…

  • No mention of mark-up

    Breeze is an elegant new minimalist theme for Mozilla. Googlebar is another great add-in from mozdev (source of the afore-mentioned Checky). It’s just like the IE Google toolbar, but for Mozilla. I’m a bit of a foodie, so it won’t come as much…

  • Swiss cheese?

    I enjoy minimal design, and I also believe that, for the majority of commercial and otherwise meaningful sites on the Web, that is exactly what is required. But minimal design to me, does not mean no graphics, no Flash, etc. If these elements are seen to add to the experience…

  • Blog Design Solutions

    I think it’s high time I told you about my new book; or rather our book, Blog Design Solutions.

  • Johnny Cash dies

    The country music legend died in Nashville, Tennessee, aged 71. I started listening to Johnny Cash only very recently, having heard his wonderful covers of non-country songs such has Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus. The Guardian has a feature entitled Five extraordinary…

  • Browser quirk enlightenment

    Peter Paul Koch has just released QuirksMode, a huge resource exploring, explaining and working around the vagaries of browser support for CSS and JavaScript.

  • Garibaldi

    More Friday banter from the Biscuit: I should have just got a job on the bins.
    The pay’s better and I’d know some hard blokes.
    And I wouldn’t have to pretend
    That I know what rhetorical means.I could have been like Lou Barlow,
    But I’m more like Ken…

  • Fear the Pie!

    I love this current poster campaign from the British Heart Foundation.

  • Free Furries

    Super Furry Animals, the best band in Britain, have released the three track Slow Life EP as a free download.

  • Too much information

    Even now I don’t know who I was talking to and he didn’t know me, but he did know my name, phone number and presumably my address. He also knew that I had a Belkin router and NTL broadband. How?

  • John Peel 1939–2004

    John Peel has died. This brings me great sadness. A legend if ever there was one, Peel’s gentle patter and eclectic (and loud) music kept me company through many a long drive and Winter evening. The whole point of John Peel’s radio shows were freedom – freedom…

  • Shortbread finger

    Help save BBC 6 Music by getting Joy Division Oven Gloves to number 6 in the singles charts.

  • Findability

    Peter Morville, co-author of the classic Polar Bear book, has recently launched Findability, a portal to anything and anyone related to findability. Or as Morville puts it: [A] complex query, run against the brains of users, who will hopefully contribute additional ideas,…

  • Web Typography is now open source

    In December 2005 I launched the Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web, a practical guide to web typography using Robert Bringhurst’s book “The Elements of Typographic Style”. The site needs updating, so I’ve now open sourced it on Github.

  • Ginger snap

    Oof. Someone was in die Hundehutte last night. A quiet evening in the Earth and Stars, iChatting to Dunstan (still in San Francisco) with Andy and Jeremy, ended up an early morning in the Spiegeltent. And there’s more Biscuit for y’all.

  • buy this book

    ‘Cascading Style Sheets: Separating Content from Presentation’ has just been released. Published by Glasshaus, it is written by four seriously talented people: Owen Briggs, Steven Champeon, Eric Costello and Matt Patterson. On this information alone I can…

  • Tagging blogs – a Reboot of sorts

    In acknowlegement of CSS Reboot I have created Clagnut 2.0 beta in which I have started exploring APIs and thinking more about tagging.

  • New (to me) music

    This Easter weekend I managed to spend some quality time alone with my hi-fi and some choice vinyl. At the time I put together a list of stuff to buy – help me choose.

  • That. Which.

    I always forget these little rules, but they are worth remembering in all forms of writing.

  • Spicy swatches

    My brother, a graphic designer, decided that the colours I use on needed to be a bit more curry-ey. So he kindly came up with some hot & spicy swatches based upon curry products, Indian cookery books and colour theory books. And made this a super page to display…

  • Bulletproof Ajax

    I’m extremely proud to say my esteemed colleague, Jeremy Keith, has finished his latest book, Bulletproof Ajax. Jeremy is also running an Ajax training workshop to coincide with the book launch.