§ Information design

Last month Adobe and Macromedia finally settled their patent squabbles. Perhaps it went like this:

Adobe BigWig:

Heh, those Macromedia palettes are just like ours! Let’s sue their ass!

Macromedia BigWig:

That does it! Your element blending & sound technology was our idea. Suck on my counter-sue, git face!

— two years, two software versions and $8 million later —

Adobe BigWig:

Heh! All those grinning lawyers have got our money, let’s sue them!

Macromedia BigWig:

Nah. Let’s just go down the pub and settle this over a pint.

There’s a great concept over at Threadless. It’s a permanent, rolling t-shirt design competition judged by site visitors, the winners being made into actual shirts which of course you can buy online. Fine use of integrated Flash to showcase the shirts, too.

And if you run a newsletter you’ll want to avoid being blocked by spam filters.