Sensitive scumbag

Via Bownie:

I was a simple, you see I’m not a, these guys are like, you know they’re sophisticated, you know sophisticated uh, you know the type, sophisticated useless people, you know with money and things, and a bit of, they had perhaps a bit broader understanding of the spectrum of man and all that shit than I did. I’m a simple guy, from the sticks, I’m a hick from the sticks, that just happens to be a genius and overflowing with talent, you know, but other than my utterly superior grasp of my art and it’s implications, other than that, I’m just a hick from the sticks, and so that I don’t know what they were thinking of me, because it all passed over my head. You understand what I mean? I think, looking back on it, it was something like having a wonderful new toy to them, that they didn’t realise that a person like this had ever existed and they didn’t know—they weren’t scared of me, it was great. They didn’t know what to make of me.

Iggy on Iggy circa 1980. Ain’t he glorious!