Perfect client

§ New media industry

From a comment to the Whitespace discussion on the perfect client:

The perfect client is the one who knows I was hired because I know what I’m doing and they don’t, takes my advice when it’s offered, and speaks intelligently about ideas for the site, gets excited about the project and has lots of good input. Being interested in how it works so I can talk geek a bit helps, too.

Sentiments that pretty much sum up the working relationship enjoyed on a great little project we’ve just finished for IBM. Based on our existing template system, Multimap developed a CMS to manage IBM’s GCat catalogue [not our frameset]. Throughout the project we worked with the superbly enthusiastic GCat team at IBM, who knew exactly what they wanted to achieve, but trusted the details and development to us. Seeing the project through from concept to final release was a remarkably refreshing and rewarding experience.