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Fastest rollovers

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Pixy demonstrates a method for superfast CSS rollovers which don’t require preloading. It’s so simple it hurts. Create one image which contains your rollover states side-by-side. Then set that image as a background and shift it sideways according to state:

#menu a {
  width:100px; height:30px;
  background: url("button.gif") top left no-repeat;
#menu a:hover {
  width:100px; height:30px;
  background-position: 0 -39px;
#menu a:active {
  width:100px; height:30px;
  background-position: 0 -78px;

Pixy says that state switching is as fast as possible (moving background position is much faster than replacing background image). AFAIK, it works in every CSS2 capable browser (IE5+, Mozilla, Opera, Safari etc) . Try his fast rollover example.

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