Regular visitors will notice that I am no longer for hire. Those nice people at multimap.com have taken me on as a producer.

This is good news indeed, however it leaves me with one week to do all those chores I should have been doing since the demise of Citria. For your pity, here is the list lovingly compiled by Her Indoors:

  1. Varnish back door
  2. Undercoat & paint doors on landing
  3. Phone window people and be nasty [what it says here]
  4. Get rid of Saab
  5. Buy cube [small beanbag thing]
  6. Arrange appointment with decorator
  7. Arrange appointment with [roller]blind company
  8. Take old clothes to Asda, pay in cheques, buy flowers
  9. Clean garage and stairs that lead to it
  10. Fix htmlbyexample.com
  11. Do as much to cuzza.com and clagnut.com as time allows [yeah right]

Fuck. I’m gonna be knackered before I even start work.